Ontario, California

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                                     July 21, 2013  Ontario, California

Advance Submissions

Is your HOOK strong enough?

Have you received that glorious next-step invitation to submit your first chapter or the first 30 pages to an agent/publisher only to later receive a rejection? Do you have no clue as to why it was rejected?

Has your critique group tried to help, but you still wonder if your opening pages are exciting enough to attract and hook a publisher? Or would you simply prefer a personal critique of your hook?

We invite you to submit your first three pages to be critiqued by Brenda Hill or Millie Hinkle.

Brenda hill will analyze your pages, edit them, then will make an appointment for a personal 20 min. critique session with you in the Redlands, CA area.

Millie Hinkle will

Industry standard formatting required:

1 inch all around.

 Courier or Times New Roman.  12 point always.

Double-spaced, always.  There should never be a single space; there should also never be a triple space.  If you want to insert a line space to indicate a change of viewpoint or a change of setting, or other break in the narrative, insert a centered pound sign (#) where the line space should be.

Left.  Chapter title may be centered.

Include your name and title of your novel in the top left-hand corner, and the page number in the top right.